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Trudy's Dream

Taking care of you

Swedish back massage                    £15.00

Aromatherapy back massage             £15.00

(the oils I use will keep on working when my hands finish for a more relaxing massage)

Full body Swedish                          £25.00

Full body Aromatherapy                     £25

(A very relaxing massage when my hands stop the oil will carry on working)

Hot stones massage 30 mins                £20

45 mins £25

Hot stones full body 1 hour                    £30

Deluxe hot stones with crystals and healing 1hour 35 mins £50

(the hot stones massage is a magic treatment, the stones are charged by the sun/moon and work 10 times deeper then my hands a powerful energy to recharge your body, mind and soul)

Trudy's special

1 hour combination 5/10 minutes on each section stones/head/Reflexology/reiki/Swedish/aromatherapy see which one you prefer. A very relaxing treatment


A personalised Guided music meditation with Reiki healing (includes consultation) taken you to a deeper level to help clear issues you may be facing. 1 hour £30 

A personalised Guided music meditation with Reiki healing (includes consultation) taken you to a deeper level to help clear issues you may be facing. 1 hour £30 

My healing wand, I will use this to channel Reiki healing to an area which needs healing the most and focus my mind. £25 for 30 minutes (including consultation)

Or 6 consecutive weeks payment required upfront £120 non refundable

Talking can be classed as therapy so I am offering a 1 hour basically a chat in the comfort surroundings of my safe haven. Soft music, candles. Totally confidential. I’m not a councillor but I’m here to listen and sometimes just getting things out in open can help you clear your mind 30 minutes £15

1 hour £30

Indian head massage 30 mins £20

45 mins £25

Indian head massage with crystals, reiki healing and chimes £ 30

(powerful treatment, can help reduce headaches/migraines blockages of the body, boosting overall immunity and much more)

Reflexology 45 min treatment £30

( Relaxing treatment which involves pressure points of the feet, which actually works on the whole body. Wonderful at clearing any blockages throughout the body)

Hopi ear candles                             £15.00

Hopi ear candles, head massage and reiki £30

(This treatment can help with sore throats, hay fever headache and migraine, sinusitis and asthma and is very relaxing)

Reiki healing 30 mins                        £15.00

45 mins                £20

(Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing uses energy to balance the body and mind

Inch loss ( 1 area) wrap

Choose from waist, thighs, arms         £25.00

(options available ask for more details)

Please feel free to ask me to alter any treatments to sort your needs and I will be happy to help. Please remember reiki healing will flow through with all my treatments

*COMING SOON * Teaching attunments Reiki 1,2 and masters courses with certificates ask for more details

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!